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BlueRemote Is Now Free Software


Just a few years ago, Palm OS had a large user base and an active third-party developer community, with tens of thousands of apps available from multiple, open application stores, most prominently The OS was used on small mobile devices from PDAs and GPS systems to fancy smartphones — it was a nice system that was cutting edge in the nineties, but by 2004, it has become horribly outdated. PalmSource’s efforts to introduce OS 6 — a version with a modern, 32-bit, multitasking, memory protecting architecture — proved futile: no Palm OS 6-based device was ever produced. By 2006, Palm has mostly switched to producing Windows Mobile phones. Then in 2007 the iPhone happened, and its brilliant user experience and centralized, integrated App Store instantly made all Palm OS devices still on the market obsolete.

All this means that in 2010 it may seem a tiny bit too late to publish Palm OS source code. Thankfully the system still has a small group of enthusiastic users who work on keeping the platform alive.  To this very day, I’m still regularly contacted about my old Bluetooth remote control application, which I sadly didn’t keep updated to run on the last few generations of devices.  It’s great that people care about my work, and the least I can do is to let them take control.

So here is a bunch of source code, now relicensed under GPL version 2. I should have done this years ago!

I find the source to be surprisingly readable, which is a good sign (I haven’t looked at it in years).

For old times’ sake I hope to find some time to install a current Palm OS SDK and work on BlueRemote a bit myself.  In the meantime, please play with it, study it, change it, fix it or pervert it however you fancy. It would be awesome if you contributed your changes back to the “official” project — so by all means contact me if you want to be a project member.

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  1. peter permalink

    Dear Lorentey,
    It would be wonderful if you’d do that. I just met your app (don’t know how I missed it for so long!…) and would love to use it, but my Treo 680 won’t work with it. I use LibertyControl and cannot understand such huge differences when comparing to BlueRemote, such as having PC and Treo (both sides) app and 1,5Mb just in the Treo!
    Yes, I’m one of those «enthusiastic», I even bought recently some other Treos because they are disappearing… I just don’t like any other platform, nothing can be so personalized as my own PalmOs Treo.
    Also, I would love to help in developping, I know something about it, but my family and job do not allow me…
    So, no matter what, I leave my simple request here, maybe one day you’ll have the oportunity.
    Thank you so much! Peter

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